Rubber Cat Massage Brush


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☆【Anti-itch & Grooming】 The cactus-shaped cat corner brush relieves itching and removes slightly floating hair, dust and dirt from the cat. The cat brush comb makes the pet’s fur soft and shiny and keeps the pet clean and beautiful. cat brushes for grooming
☆【Soft Massage Comfort】The cat corner brush is made of high quality materials, durable and safe. The soft elastic rubber can gently massage and retouch and ensure the best care effect. The cat brush has been specially developed for animals with sensitive skin. long hair cat brush comb hair brush
☆【Installation method】 First use a Velcro strap to fasten one side, insert the corner cat brush into the table and chair legs, then insert the other end of the belt to tighten the loop. After the repair, you can put on your cat’s favorite catnip or catnip chews. The corner cat brush can also be used for bathing and grooming. cat brush that sticks to the corners


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