Pet Cat Self-Care Comb Brush


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★ Essentials about kittens: This cat groomer transforms, thanks to its exceptional design and materials, into a corner massage comb, hand brush, bath comb, scratching tool. Foldable and portable for various scenes no matter where you are at home or on the go.
★ Designed for family: Made of soft and eco-friendly silicone, no hard plastic or nails, more durable but soft, causing no harm to all your family members. Mint scent attracts cats for self-grooming, to reduce training costs.
★ Easy Installation: As a Corner Groomer, its dual hook-and-loop mounting allows wide-spread applications with chair legs, bars, tubes, anything round, rectangular, or appropriately shaped. By unfastening the Velcro strips, it returns to comb, brush, be ready for another installation.
★ Optional Choice: 2 colors and 3 sizes available for affection.


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