GZLCEU 30pcs Real Plastic Aquarium Plants


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What you get: 30 mixed color aquatic plants (15 kinds of 2) 10cm, suitable for all fish tanks, meeting all your life needs. Bright colors make your aquarium full of vitality, also provide fish with a comfortable shelter, they won’t die, rot or decompose. You don’t need to cut them and stay beautiful season after season.
Design with ceramic base: Artificially designed aquarium plants with a flat ceramic base. The aquarium plant set with ceramic base has a certain weight and can be fixed under water. To grow like soil in water. You can associate them with colored stones. It is true and stable, will not float on the water surface.
Cleaning and Maintenance: Artificial aquarium smooth surfaces are easy to clean and maintain (please clean them before use). A simple wipe with an algae pad, brush or spray with the shower head removes algae and aquatic plant detriment, easy to clean. They regain their new appearance. Unlike live plants, artificial plants do not need special lighting, fertilizers, nutrient substrates or carbon dioxide.
Widely Used: These emerse aquarium plants are a very good choice for decorating aquariums, aquariums and reptile terrariums. Aquarium plants provide a natural environment – Extra soft material provides a safe place for fish to hide and rest – You can put small plants in it Small plants for lizards, chameleons, fish, turtles , etc. Perfect for home, office, etc.


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